"To close out our week-long celebration of audio on Flipboard, we’ve got an interview on our new SoundCloud channel with Cyra Morgan, an angel-voiced singer-songwriter who’s found her catharsis, along with an audience, on SoundCloud.

Currently over 12,000 people follow her “intimate indie acoustic with a little bit of folk.” At first, Cyra says SoundCloud was a means to get feedback from other musicians, but since then her experience has blossomed into much more. Hear a case study of how one musician is using the platform to springboard a musical career. (And definitely listen to the end, when she sings a warm welcome to Flipboard readers discovering her for the first time.)"

"Acoustic singer/songwriter Cyra Morgan is about as new as a debut artist can be. How new? She's using the same pick she started learning guitar with on day one. She hasn't changed her strings yet because she doesn't know how. But these things don't concern Cyra because she's soley focused on one thing: Getting out the music she's heard in her head for 20 years. And in that regard, recording at home with Balance and Reason Essentials has been nothing short of liberating for her. We visited Cyra at her cozy New England house where she's put together a modest studio to capture her ideas and to hear one of her latest songs, Beautiful Madness."

Cyra Morgan is a new artist and next-generation musician. Her songs are released in their 'sketch' phase on SoundCloud to instant community feedback. She has been a SoundCloud featured artist for her heavy social network prowess.

"Cyra Morgan has been making music for as long as she can remember, and appears to have a knack for getting the mood of a song just right. New track ‘Waiting’ is a perfect example. Inspired by her yoga instructor talking about belief in a higher prescience, Morgan has created a track of incredible depth, featuring her gentle vocals. Keep a look-out for Cyra Morgan, with this much talent she’s got the potential to be huge."

"Described by a fan as, ”A true and natural genius, talent to die for, angelic, heavenly, prolific, hauntingly beautiful and brilliant”, one doesn’t need to throw a stone too far to locate a Cyra Morgan fan."

"Morgan is collaborating with artists on upcoming releases in the United Kingdom, heard on radio stations in Luxembourg and Brazil and is currently working on an independently produced album, using the new music model, which is allowing her to circumvent cultural and geographical divides."

"In the meantime, Morgan continues picking up momentum, making her magic and according to comments by many of her SoundCloud fans, is expected to become a household name in the very near future."

"If you’ve been following our Mix Tape feature for the last few months then you’ll be aware of Cyra’s spectacular sound. Possessing an etheral style that does nothing if not prick at every hair on your body when you hear her sing, Cyra’s one of Soundcloud’s most precious discoveries. When I was compiling the mix list back in April, I stumbled upon her music completely by chance – since then she’s enchanted listeners the world over with her vocal-driven brand of acoustic folk that dabbles it’s toes in the likes of Alanis Morissette, Lisa Hannigan and PJ Harvey."

"Favorite artist for this month is Cyra Morgan. This is a common feeling since I have never seen so many comments posted at a soundcloud track. Honestly it is impressive! 

Well Cyra is a singer that has the ability to "speak" via her music for many painful, unsolved, daily and social things with a peaceful way. Her music works like a drug, since when she sings you feel calmed.... protected.... you don't even care about other things. Besides that, she is a songwriter, she writes about what she feels in an authentic raw way."


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